Careersolutions UT




Our Employment Process

Looking for the right job? Or do you prefer to switch things up and work at different companies for the sake of variety? No matter which side of the spectrum you fall on, our hiring process is the same. Here’s a quick breakdown:



Fill out our online application. We’ll ask for your contact information, education, work history an a few more items. If we have any questions, we ill get in touch and see if you’re ready for the next steps.


Choose An Open Position

Based on your skillset and goals, we’ll match you with potential employers who need workers. Once you decide to interview with them, we’ll assist you every step of the way.


Start Working

You start your new job and keep us informed as to how things go. Once again, depending on the employer, you may find yourself there for a matter of days or months.

Three Basic Hiring Models


Whether employers need a temporary employee for a short-term event or position or want to find someone for a longer period of time, Career Solutions can help. Our three basic hiring models include:

Direct Hires

These are workers that companies want to hire on a permanent basis. We assist with finding candidates, interviewing them, and choosing which ones to send to our client for additional screenings or interviews. This simplifies the process for companies who no longer have to sort through a large pool of candidates.


Employees who fall into this category start out at temporary workers, there for a few days or weeks. This gives the employer plenty of time to test out their skills and see if they are a good fit, or, once a more permanent position opens up, move them into it.

Contract Temporary

Companies that need people for a short term position, such as to cover for more permanent employees who are sick or on vacation, will want a contract temporary worker. These employees fill in the gaps.