Careersolutions UT

About Career Solutions

Our History

Over 15 years ago Career Solutions entered the world of staffing for the hospitality industry. Over the years we have developed a renowned reputation for quality in the service industry. Our unwavering dedication to connecting companies with competent and skilled associates has propelled us to become a leading player in the industry. With a focus on delivering exceptional staffing solutions, Career Solutions has established itself as a go-to firm for companies seeking top-notch talent.


We offer permanent, temporary, and interim staffing solutions, backed by years of proven success in recruitment and talent acquisition. Our consultants leverage their thorough understanding of the local market and recruitment expertise to deliver superior matching results. Following industry standards and best practices, our recruitment process guarantees optimal outcomes that elevate workplaces and fulfill career aspirations.

Our Workers

Career Solutions prioritizes thorough screening of candidates to guarantee top-tier skills in their respective industries, providing employers with highly qualified workers who can seamlessly adapt to their roles with minimal training required. Our focus is on fostering strong relationships with candidates through trust and open communication to ensure their success in the workforce.


Career Solutions Meets Your Staffing Needs

We have the ability to assist you in finding skilled employees promptly, tailored to your specific industry needs. Whether you require urgent staff for an event or essential workers for your assembly line, our pool of qualified candidates is prepared to take on roles that match their expertise. Contact us for immediate support.

We Simplify Staffing

Worried about things like employee taxes, liability insurance, workers compensation and HR costs? Have no fear – we take care of that for you. We keep files on all of our employees, so we have all of the necessary information to ensure all of the legal forms and taxes are taken care of. We simplify things for you!