About Career Solutions

Our History

With over a decade of experience in the service industry, Career Solutions is an expert in the recruitment of service workers.  Our continued commitment to matching companies with qualified, skilled associates has been the driving force of our company. Through this dedication Career Solutions has become an industry leading firm that specialized in providing exceptional staffing solutions

Our Workers

We appropriately screen our workers to ensure that they have top-notch skills in their chosen fields. As a result, the employers that we work with know that they are receiving the best, most highly qualified workers for the job – those who will seamlessly fall into the role with little training required.

Career Solutions Meets Your Staffing Needs

Depending on the industry, we can quickly help you find the qualified employees that you need. We know that you may need workers in a hurry – whether you have gaps on your event staff (and an event taking place that day) or have an assembly line that’s missing several key workers – just give us a call. Our roster of qualified employees are ready and waiting for a job that will provide them with the experience that they are trained to handle.

We Simplify Staffing

Worried about things like employee taxes, liability insurance, workers compensation and HR costs? Have no fear – we take care of that for you. We keep files on all of our employees, so we have all of the necessary information to ensure all of the legal forms and taxes are taken care of. We simplify things for you!